Coop Salaries is a growing compilation of salary info from 300+ University of Waterloo students.

We’re advocates for earning what you’re worth.


Why is Coop Salaries a thing?
Because we believe students should earn what they’re worth, and it’s tricky to do that without having at least a general sense of a position’s salary going into the interview/salary negotiation process.

How did you get all this information?
We asked UW students.

(*Shoutout to the 300+ rockstars who trusted us with their info even before was up and running!)

If I see a salary listed here, does that mean I’ll be making that much in that role?
No. Coop Salaries is meant to give you insight into the ballpark salary for a position, not guarantee a certain pay.

There are a few reasons for this. First, because salary is a function of an individual person’s experience level, program of study, whether they negotiated their salary up, and more, it’s hard to precisely predict the next person’s salary (even if they’re in the same role). Second, because this salary information hasn’t been taken straight from somebody’s tax returns–Coop Salaries relies on the people submitting their salary information–there’s a possibility that what is written in our list is not accurate (ex. the person submitting their salary accidentally typo-ed in an extra zero).

Can I submit information anonymously?
You’ll be pleasantly surprised by our Submit Your Salary form–it doesn’t ask you for your name, or even email.

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